• Tal Harari

    Tal Harari

    Group Manager 2012-2015

    Tal Harari gained her B.A Degree in Theatre Arts and General Studies of Humanities, from Tel Aviv University. Since 1987 she has worked as directing assistant and management assistant at HaBima theatre, Tel Aviv, and between the years 1996 and 1999 has functioned as the production manager of the theatre. Between 2001 and 2009 she has functioned as marketing manager and later on as media and special projects manager of the Bat Sheva Dance Company. Joined the Ruth Kanner Theatre Group on 2008. Group Manager since 2012.

  • Guy Godorov

    Guy Godorov

    Production Manager

    Guy was born in 1972. In the year 1999 he gained his B.A degree in acting, from the Theatre Arts Department of Tel Aviv University. In 2009 he gaind his M.A degree. His Master thesis focused on Ruth Kanner's works. Since 2000 he functions as the production manager of the Theatre Arts Department of Tel Aviv University. Guy Produces and manages Ruth Kanner Theatre Group's shows since 2004.

  • Irit Shturm

    Irit Shturm

    Group Manager 2005-2012

    Irit Shturm gained her B.A Degree in philosophy and Arts, from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.  At the begining of the 90s she was one of the founders of the 2nd channel (of the Israeli public TV) and worked as a producer for this channel through the Telad production company.  A documentary she had procuced about Ohad Nahrin's work Anafaza won the first prize in the Haifa Film Festival. Since 1996 she has been the production director of Bat Sheva Dance Company. In 2003 she produced Ruth Kanner's work Bathers and since 2005, in addition to her work in the Bat Sheva Dance company, she was the manager of Ruth Kanner Theater Group between the years 2005-2012.