Creative Partners

  • Naomy Yoeli

    Naomy Yoeli

    Guest Director

    Naomi Yoeli has been involved in many aspects of Theatre, including directing, acting, puppetry, storytelling and performance as well as theatrical research, dramaturgy and play writing. Born in Jerusalem in 1950 Naomi has a PhD (Summa cum laude) in Theatre Studies, Tel-Aviv University, and has been researching and lecturing on Israeli ceremonies as theatrical phenomena. Naomi has over 20 years of teaching experience in Theatre, Puppetry and storytelling, and has performed as a at many international festivals in Israel and abroad. Naomy was a member of the artistic committee of the Akko Festival of Alternative Israeli Theatre, 2000-2004 as well as Artistic consultant and dramaturge in the Train Theater, Jerusalem, since 2004. Over the past few years she has developed her own independent theatre performances: the show "Doda (Aount) Frieda: The Museum" (2006) won the Best Performance Prize at the Akko Festival, 2006 and the Fringe Theatre Prize, 2007 for "Performance Language". The play "Between Calendars" (2008), an adaptation of a book by Nativa Ben Yehuda, was performed in collaboration with the Ruth Kanner Theatre Group, and won the Best Adaptation and Best Performance prize of Fringe Theatre, 2009. she also cooperated with the Ruth Kanner ensemble in their performance "Bathers". Naomi has been awarded The Landau Prize for Theatrical Excellence, 2008, and the Best Actress Prize of Fringe Theatre, 2009.

  • Shaked Vax

    Shaked Vax

    Lightning and Space Designer

    Graduate of the Theater Design Department of Tel Aviv University. Specialized in lighting design. Has designed the lighting in a variety of theater and music shows. In recent years has been a production and marketing manager in the Compulite Company, specializing in developing equipment and programs for lighting control. A participant of Ruth Kanner Theater Group since 2001.

  • Roni Toren Photography: Itamar Cohen

    Roni Toren

    Space and Costume Designer

    Born in Jerusalem. Began his career as an editor and presenter of radio and TV programs. Studied art and theater in Paris and graduated from the Department of Theater Arts of Tel Aviv University. Has designed stage and costumes for a wide range of theater and opera productions in Israel and abroad. In 1986 won the Margalit prize for theater arts. In 1991 earned a silver medal in the Prague Quadrienalle and in 2005 a silver medal in The World Stage Design exhibition in Toronto. In 2007 he won the prize of the OISTAT organization and was chosen as one of the 23 most prominent stage designers in the world. ("The Honorable Scenographers"). In 2009 he won the Landau award of the Miphal Ha Pais in Israel. Since 2005 has participated in the creation of Ruth Kanner Theater Group productions and served as the stage designer of the shows directed by Ruth Kanner in the X Theater, Tokyo, Japan.

  • Kinneret Kisch

    Kinneret Kisch

    Stage Designer

    First degree, Cum Laude and second degree, Summa Cum Laude from the Department of Theater Arts of Tel Aviv University. Has designed sets for theaters in Israel and abroad. Has taught stage design in Tel Aviv University, The Shenkar College and the School of Visual Theater in Jerusalem. A guest lecturer at the Haifa Technion, Haifa University, The Technological Institute of Holon, Ben Gurion University in Beer Sheva and the writing skills development track of the Herzlia Theater Ensemble. Stage Designer for The Way to There - Stories for children told by the actors of Ruth Kanner Theatre Group.

  • Mor Frank

    Mor Frank

    Guest Director

    Directed a variety of plays in various theaters. In 2013 she created with the Ruth Kanner Theatre Group an adaptation of a play by Moshe Shamir – He Walked in the Fields.


  • Guy Saggee

    Guy Saggee

    Graphic Designer

    Guy Saggee is an Israeli graphic designer, artist and a design educator. Since 2001, operates his studio, Shual (fox), specializing in various aspects of visual communications, with particular emphasis on culture and politics. He is an educator at the Visual Communication Department of the Bezalel Academy of Art & Design, Jerusalem. Graduated with a B.F.A from the Bezalel Academy of Arts & Design, Jerusalem (1994) and a M.F.A from the School of Visual Arts, New York (1998). Guy is a member of the Alliance Graphique Internationale (AGI) since 2012. He lives in Tel Aviv. A participant in the group work: The Hebrew Notebook.

  • Avner Ben-Amos

    Avner Ben-Amos


    Professor Avner Ben-Amos is a Historian of education at the School of Education, Tel-Aviv University. He holds B.A. in Drama Studies and History from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, M.A. and PhD. in European History from the University of California, Berkeley.
    His play Sarah, a Stubborn Woman (1986) was performed at Akko Festival and Beit Zvi Theatre. At Dionysos in the Center (2004) he served as co-adaptor with Ruth Kanner of a book by Tamar Berger; at He Marches in the Fields (2013-14) he served as co-adaptor with Mor Frank of a novel and a play by Moshe Shamir, He Marched in the Fields - both at Ruth Kanner Theater Group.


  • Ronen Shapira

    Ronen Shapira


    A composer and player of piano and other instruments. Studied in Tel Aviv University and The University of Michigan. Earned a PhD in composition at Northwestern University , USA, 2002. A performing artist in many festivals. Has written music for bands and orchestras. Has collaborated with Israeli rock and pop artists. Published two albums of songs and prayers in Hebrew and other languages and an album of orchestral compositions. His original works have been performed by the Israeli Chamber Orchestra and The Israeli Philharmonic Orchestra and other major orchestras in various major concert halls (e.g. Carnegie Hall) in Israel and other countries .Shapira won the Israeli Prime Minister's prize (2005) for his chamber and orchestral compositions and for having established orchestras for Israeli Jews and Arabs. Shapira is also a music teacher at the Levinsky College of Education in Tel Aviv. He has served as a composer, arranger and music director in Ruth Kanner's productions in X Theater, Tokyo since 2005 and has been a participant of Ruth Kanner Theater Group since 2009.

  • Ilan Green

    Ilan Green


    A constructor and player of musical instruments, lecturer and visual artist. He is the initiator and director of the Department of Modern Music at the Musrara art school , Jerusalem. In 1989 he was one of the originators of the "The Tractor Revenge" rock band that published seven discs, and was a member of this band till 2004. In 1999 he was one of the initiators of "Krechz", a band experimenting with noise, electronic sounds and live sounds. He created the project "Voices of the Levites", in which ancient Biblical musical instruments played by the Levites in the Jerusalem Temple were replicated and played in a special concert, subsequently published in a disc. He creates installations and sound statues and participates in a variety of performances and dance and theater shows. He has been a participant of Ruth Kanner Theater Group since 2005.

  • Nori Jacoby

    Nori Jacoby


    A music composer and scientific researcher. In his research he investigates the interface between computer science, brain studies and music cognition. In his doctoral research at the Interdisciplinary Center for Neural Computation at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem he investigates rhythm perception in humans. He writes acoustic and electronic music, explores Jewish musical traditions, arranges, performs and teaches music. His original works have been presented on prominent stages in various countries. In recent years he has been creating music for theater and dance. Since 2006 he has been participating in the Ruth Kanner Theater Group productions. He won the Margalit award for his amplified solo viola music accompanying the show "Disgust", directed by Ruth Kanner.

  • Ori Drumer

    Ori Drumer


    A musician, multimedia artist and teacher. The initiator of The Multimedia Arts Department and Digital Media in the Musrara school, Jerusalem. Presented many single and group exhibitions (video, animation, sound, installation and photography). Serves as a curator and initiator of social projects and publishes articles and personal columns in a variety of newspapers and magazines. Ori writes music for dance, theater and the cinema. He lectures about sound and history of modern music. Won the first prize for writing and directing the play "My Skin" in the 2002 Akko Festival. A participant of Ruth Kanner Theater Group since 2001.

  • Sivan Weinstein

    Sivan Weinstein

    Costume, Body Objects and Space Designer

    A graduate with distinction of The department of jewelry crafting and fashion design of the Bezalel college of Art, Jerusalem, and for the last ten years a lecturer there. A graduate of the Department of Theater Arts of Tel Aviv University. Sivan is a multimedia artist who designs costumes, props and stage space in stage arts. A participant of Ruth Kanner Theater Group since 2004.