The play may be performed in English

A Story of a Struggle

Based on a Story by Moshe Yzraeli
Created by Ruth Kanner

Stage Design: Noa Vidman
Music: Amos Troomper
Performed by Shirley Gal-Segev, Tali Kark

Premier: Akko Festival 1999

First prize, Akko Festival of Israeli Experimental Theater, 2001;
Fringe Theater Award

The last struggle for survival of a field mouse caught in a kibbutz irrigation pipeline. An allegory about man’s hopeless struggle against the powers of nature and fate.

About "Amos" >>

A field mouse – Amos – is trapped in an irrigation pipeline system spread in the field. In a few hours the water taps are about to be turned on. Whoever is there, is about to be smashed in a 6 atmospheres water pressure.
The show follows the stations in Amos’ struggle for survival, toward an end of redemption and beauty.
The story AMOS won the first prize of the Short Story Competition of the Israeli daily newspaper Haaretz for 1997.
The production AMOS won the first prizes for best show, best director and best actress, as well as a special acclaim for costume design, in the Akko Theater Festival 1999. Its creator and director, Ruth Kanner, won The Fringe Theater Award of the City of Tel Aviv for 1999.

Reasons given by the Akko Festival prize committee:
“A masterfully constructed theatrical work of art, which integrates story-telling theater and Movement Theater… Directed with flair and acted beautifully. The directress, the musician and the two actresses created a total show combining text, movement, music and visual elements, a stirring, spellbound show”.

Reasons given by the Fringe Theater Award committee:
“Throughout the years, Ruth Kanner has been creating an original, engaging theatrical language. In the show 'Amos' she has elaborated fascinating means of expression based on movement and speech. Her work exhibits sensitivity and lightness, which add up together to a total, simple and moving theatrical ensemble”

From the press >>

“A show with unique qualities on a totally different level. A clear theatrical language, a moving world against all odds, a unique esthetics, a little beautiful pearl” / Michael Handelzalts, Ha'aretz newspaper

"A wonderful mouse... an original theatrical style, both funny and moving. The most unexpected and, surprisingly, the most moving 'Different Theater'. Engaging theater, which presents pure theatrical poetry. " / Shai Bar Yaakov, Yediot Aharonot newspaper

"An engaging, painful struggle for survival flashes of brilliancy and original theatrical messages of the kind of a rare, special, different theatrical experiences. The world of all those who have found themselves in impossible situations and tried to find a way out." / Amir Yefeth, Ha Kibutz weekly magazine

"Amos from Israel presented a fresh taste of direction with live music performance...this movement will stimulate the Japanese theater industry." Osamu Imamura, Tokyo - Asahi Shimbun newspaper